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Today I woke up wanting to write. Not my normal shit, but something different. Something related to Pokémon Go, a new release here in Brazil that is making me so damn happy. So, I decided to do a blog, nothing big, nothing great, just something to talk about my days while playing the game.

Nothing much.

Of course, there will be snippets from other parts of my life, but I wanted to try something new.


I started playing Pokémon exactly a week ago, August 3d. I decided to catch a bulbassaur, or in my French fluent cellphone, a bulbizarre. I don't even know who the hell invented the names, but this person should win a prize. The reason why I caught a bulbassaur was mostly because, when I played Pokémon blue, Pokémon red and Pokémon yellow, I had, respectively, a squirtle, a charmander and a pikachu. No bulbassaurs for me, so I decided to change that.

Three days later I caught a bulbassaur stronger than my own, there is some irony right there.

Anyway, nothing happened. Except zubats? They have appear to me and I catch them and they keep appearing to me? I caught so many of them that I was able to evolve one of my zubats into golbats and I already can evolve two more. I know, I could ignore them, but, man, everyone's already doing it and, well, if they appear, you catch them to evolve level. That's what I'm doing.

In the end, who wants to bet that Zubat will be my favorite/strongest pokémon? Not me, I am already building an army of Zubats and will call myself Zubatgirl from now on.

Around my house I don't see many pokémons. Well, not the different ones. What has appeared to me were Zubats, Cléfairies and some Bulbassaurs, but nothing amazing. On the neighborhood next to me, however... I caught such a variety that makes me jealous. I want to live there! Let's not even talk about my sister who lives on the other side of the city and has 145476 different Pokémons. It is a disgrace. I want to be rich so I can buy a house on a place that catches great Pokémons.

Today, specifically, my mother drived through a new path and you know what appeared? A FUCKING PONYTA. I may have screamed. I may have made my mother drive around the park thrice, I may have gotten out of the park to catch that Ponyta. Did I get it? No.

Of course not.

The Ponyta refused to appear to me, stayed a cruel shadow on my radar. Not even a 'hi', not even a 'fuck you'. Instead, I walked through the park like a complete idiot asking myself if it was worth to use incense to catch just one Pokémon. I didn't, and I am kinda glad. When my mother parked for me to get out, she told me there were two boys/guys/men on the park and that I should stay away from them. I wanted to remind her that I was an adult (24yo, guys), but I knew the look I would get.

So, I almost went to where the guys were. Guys on a park on a very cold Wednesday, on a place I have never been to, while I clutched my new cellphone on my hands, waiting to be robbed.

And still that fucking Ponyta didn't come out.


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