Aug. 11th, 2016

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São Paulo is freezing today. Freezing. I am dying slowly in this cold, but I can say with 100% sure that is way better than melt in our summer, so I'm cool with actually feeling cold all the time (I am going to drink tea and eat warm stuff and I'll actually sleep, come the night). For a moment, though, I thought I wouldn't go out to catch Pokémons. Luckly, my mother had to go buy some cigarettes and I went with her. The first thing it happened was my app refusing to work. I lost a zubat (not so bad) and a very strong Cléfairy :( But!! I got into a gym and I haven't been expelled from it yet, so I count it as a win.

Mom took me to some pretty cool places and I got mostly zubats, again. Even she already knows its name, but, hey, I am close to evolve three zubats into Golbats, so I'm still winning!

At Guilhermina Esperança, a neighborhood, I caught squirtles and nidorinas, all very week. I am obviously not only trading them to evolve my strongest pokémons, but also to evolve. I GOT INTO LEVEL 9, GUYS!! FINALLY. Many of my friends commented that level 8 is the most difficult to pass, because it takes so much time. They're right. I feel like I've been on 8 forever. And guess what I got? The infamous lucky egg, that I am going to wait a good while to use it. Not just because I want to catch more pokémons and evolve them all at once, but also because tomorrow I am going to Paulista and I there is the Pokémon heaven.

So, I went to level 9, joined a gym, got more zubats, received a lucky egg. Great night for me. To make things even better, as I got close to my house, one of my eggs ecloded! And a wild Ponyta appeared!




I screamed a lot and my mother screamed a lot and together we were very happy. My Ponyta is very strong and gave me 1000+ xp, and that was truly great <3

Now I am back to my house and thinking that tomorrow will be a great day.

And that I really need a cup of tea.

UPDATE: guess who was expelled from the gym? Fuck it, I still got ten more pokécoins.


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